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Cigarette smoking has fallen to an all-time low. But vaping has skyrocketed among teenagers. Know the facts about e-cigarettes and vaping so you can help end this public health epidemic and protect young people from a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

#1 The aerosol from e-cigs contains dangerous chemicals
E-cigarettes and vaping devices produce an aerosol that has been found to contain at least ten chemicals on California’s list of substances known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. E-cigarette aerosol is dangerous to anyone who inhales it, whether first- or second-hand.

#2 Kids may try e-cigs because of the flavors
Four of five kids who have used tobacco started with a flavored product. Flavors mask the harsh taste of tobacco, making it easier for kids to smoke.

#3 Young people may not be aware of nicotine in flavored products
The amount can vary but most vape juice "pods," or cartridges, contain nicotine. In a recent study, more than a third of young users of a top-selling product were unaware that a single pod contains a pack's worth of nicotine.

#4 Adolescents are more at risk for addiction than adults
Young people's still-developing brains are adept at forming the pathways of addiction. Exposure to the nicotine in some e-cigs and vaping devices can put youth at risk of not only a nicotine addiction but substance addictions of all kinds.

#5 Nicotine can impact memory and learning
Adolescence is a key period for brain development. Nicotine may increase anxiety and can affect parts of the brain that deal with attention, learning and memory—functions that are important for school-age kids.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) works to protect the public's health in California and helps shape positive health outcomes for individuals, families and communities. Click here to learn more about how vaping and e-cigarettes are threatening today's youth and how you can make a difference.